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The exhibition is open every day from May 31th, 2019 until September 1st, 2019
11 A.M. until 9 P.M.*

* the exhibition will be open on August 20th, 2019

“Immersed into the magical world of the genius Nikola Tesla, by merging the elements of a ‘live’ film, video set design, computer game, and magical hologram and light adventure into a unique multimedia experience of extended reality, with this exhibition we seek to take you on a contemplative ‘journey’ without beginning or end, through a process of inspiration, creativity and production.”
Helena Bulaja Madunić, exhibition author

About the exhibition

The exhibition represents a 15-year long work of the author Helena Bulaja Madunić, her and her co-curatoras and co-designers Maria Del-Santo, Elena Degli Innocenti, Max Pinucci and Miguel A. Delgado, as well as the group of international and domestic artists who work in the field of synergy of art and science by combining film, animation, video art and technical innovations. The project director and head of the international design team is Sascha Machiedo, an industrial designer and museum advisor with more than 20 years of experience in artistic, cultural and business projects and exhibitions all over the world.

TESLA’s name and legacy experiencing a worldwide revival as a “hot” topic, attraction and inspiration, we have created a multi-media show on the crossroads of playful contemporary art installations, cutting-edge technology and actual real-life implemented applications.

The goal of Nikola Tesla – Mind from the Future exhibition is to introduce Tesla as a shared Croatian and Hungarian cultural heritage, to promote and provoke artistic excellence, originality, inventiveness and the application of the latest technologies in the area of visual arts.

The exhibition and program activities of Nikola Tesla – Mind from the Future exhibition are an unexplored platform of opportunities that could become Budapest’s stage for positioning itself as one of the key locations for Tesla’s creative work. Through the networking of domestic and foreign artists that will contribute to the visibility of Croatia and Hungary on an international level.

Exhibition world tour

* The exhibition Nikola Tesla - Mind from the Future, premiered in Zagreb from November 25th 2017 to April 2nd 2018 in Meštrović Pavilion, and will continue to tour the cities in which Nikola Tesla has left the deepest mark.