exhibition author

Helena Bulaja Madunić

Helena Bulaja Madunić is an artist, director and producer. She is the leading Croatian expert for cross-media and multimedia with a 22-year work experience in international pioneering projects of non-linear storytelling through her production and publishing companies My Magical Thoughts & Bulaja Publishing. She is the first director and producer in Croatia to have been allocated funds from the European Agency for Filmmaking for animated and documentary film. She is renowned internationally; her work has been reviewed in publications on the latest innovative approaches to animated film and interactive storytelling, and presented and awarded in more than one hundred international festivals, markets and fairs of animated and documentary film, multimedia, and children’s publishing on all continents.

project director

Sascha Machiedo

Sascha Machiedo is an industrial designer and museum consultant with more than 20 years of experience in art, cultural and business projects and exhibitions throughout the world. His elaborate professional background includes, among other things, operative and programme management of projects such as the US Pavilion at the 2015 Milan World Expo, Giorgio Armani Retrospective, BMW Guggenheim Lab, Venice Art Biennale, Guggenheim New York and Bilbao, and museography in projects Louvre Abu Dhabi and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.


Real Grupa

Real Grupa is a leading full-service marketing and communication agency with years-long experience in the production of media, creative and developmental strategies. Real Grupa provides an integrated service of market communication in order to achieve set goals and success with each new campaign. With a team of over 70 employees, Real Grupa has since the very beginning positioned itself on the market as a domestic agency with top experts who had gained experience in international companies or through work with big clients.

Professional harmonisation on seven different markets and excellence in media business are the result of the high level of creativity and dedication to the client’s success. Keeping up with the market and the efficiency and excellence in digital media are the characteristics due to which Real Grupa has been recognised as a high-quality partner to companies from different industry fields. By continuously investing in the professional development of employees and the tools they use, Real Grupa places emphasis on the dedication to clients by providing them with quick and efficient service.

CEO and owner of the Real grupa

Krešimir Renzo Prosoli

Krešimir Renzo Prosoli, CEO and owner of the Real grupa marketing communication agency, is a marketing expert having over 20 years of experience in the media industry. He established Real Grupa 10 years ago and the agency has recorded constant growth and development from the very beginning. It is the main producer of the Nikola Tesla – Mind from the Future exhibition – in addition to producing and promoting the exhibition, intensive efforts are used to negotiate its setup in major cities across the world. Real Grupa’s creative campaigns have won awards for advertising efficiency and innovative digital marketing solutions. Besides its core business, projects with global potential represent a challenge and an opportunity this agency led by its CEO is committed to pursuing. Real Grupa also produced the Gnothi Seauton sport documentary about Janica and Ivica Kostelić, which premiered in Los Angeles and won a number of awards, thus confirming the global interest in successful talents from Croatia. By implementing this exhibition inspired by Nikola Tesla’s life and work, this production company plans to promote cultural heritage of Croatia beyond its borders and present to the world artwork based on one of the world’s greatest geniuses born in Smiljan, Lika, Croatia.

exhibition partner


Croatian Association of Fine Artists (HDLU), established in 1868, is the oldest professional association of artists in Croatia with a continuous, 150-year long presence. Today, HDLU gathers more than 1800 professional visual and multimedia artists from all over Croatia.


Mile Blažević

Mile Blažević was born in 1954 in Maovice (Vrlika). He graduated in Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1984. From 1986 until 1996, he taught drawing, planning and modelling at the School for Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb. He has exhibited since 1984, and has hitherto participated in 10 solo and around 50 group exhibitions. In his solo exhibitions he problematizes and thematises specific subjects of rise and fall in life, such as kings, knights, infantrymen, St. George, the Cross.

In 2005, he won first prize for the monument of Nikola Tesla in Smiljan. He currently leads a class at the Department of Sculpture at the Academy.

Ida Blažičko

She graduated in Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2007 in the class of Professor Stjepan Gračan, and additionally specialised at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (US); in 2012, she received her PhD from the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, at which she also gave lectures at the Department of Art in Public Space and Art Installation in Landscape. In 2016, she received her PhD from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb with the doctoral thesis “Biomimetics in the Service of Art” under the mentorship of Professor Slavomir Drinković and Professor Vera Turković. She is member of the Croatian Association of Fine Artists (HDLU) and Croatian Freelance Artists Association. She has worked as Art Associate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb since 2016.

Vitar Drinković

Vitar Drinković received his Master’s Degree in Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2008, in the class of Professor Slavomir Drinković. He received his Master’s Degree in Animation and New Media from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb under the mentorship of Aleksandar Battista Ilić.

Vitar Drinković operates on the intersection of technology, science and art through the creation of interactive gadgets, inventions and installations that serve as mediators in communication between people. He seeks to explore and create a new context, ‘conditions’ for the sensory and mental cognition of everyday life. The broad spectrum of media and activities is enabled by his years-long experience in sculpture and sculptural technologies combined with new media, DIY culture, new technologies, and the collaboration with experts from the scientific field.

He has hitherto participated in 12 solo and 47 group exhibitions in Croatia, Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Austria, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.

Janko Ivčić

Janko Ivčić was born in Zagreb in 1989. He graduated in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2013 in the class of Professor Duje Jurić. He participated in several group and four solo exhibitions. He is member of Croatian Association of Fine Artists. He lives and works in Zagreb.

Pero Jelisić

Born in 1939. Completed his secondary education in Tuzla. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (1959 – 1964) in the class of Professor Frano Kršinić, and completed his post-graduate studies at the Master Workshop of Professor Vanja Radauš in Zagreb (1964 – 1967). He became member of HDLU in 1965.

He spent his artist residencies in Austria, Italy, France, and England. In collaboration with various associations, he participated in around 100 group exhibitions in the country and abroad.

He received several national awards for sculpture in space, and authored several public monuments – principally portraits – on the territory of former federal republics.

Alana Kajfež

Alana Kajfež was born on February 21, 1990, in Zagreb. Having completed her primary education, she enrolled in the Secondary School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb. She graduated in 2008 with a degree in Sculptural Design. She enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb that same year; in her third year of studies, she entered the class of Professor Stjepan Gračan at the Department of Sculpture. She graduated in Sculpture in 2014 in the class of Professor Peruško Bogdanić. She has participated in several solo and group exhibitions (Rovinj, Zagreb, Vinkovci, Lovinac) and authored public monuments “San koralja” (Vrsar), “Jack White” (Zagreb), “Medvjeđi ples” (Lovinac) and “X postaja” (Posedarje). She has taken part in sculptural and painting workshops (Vrsar, Vinkovci, Našice, Lovinac, Rab, Zadar) and in urban garden design (Zagreb, Samobor, Velika Gorica). Her works are part of private and public collections (Zagreb, Našice, Zadar, Palmižana, Rab, Lovinac, Brčko). She authored the Monok@ Award for the Monodrama Festival in Krapinske toplice. She is member of Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU). She is engaged in sculpture in various sculptural technologies and materials, especially in the technique of glass fusion.

Ivan Kujundžić

Born on November 12, 1968 in Imotski. He completed his primary education in Krivodol, and graduated from the Secondary School of Civil Engineering in Imotski.

Having arrived in Zagreb in 1986, he enrolled in the Faculty of Law; he abandoned his studies after the first year due to intensive preparations for the Academy of Fine Arts, in which he enrolled in 1990. He graduated in Sculpture in 1994. He became member of HDLU in 1994, and has been member of Croatian Freelance Artists Association since 1995. For his merits in the field of creativity in culture, he was awarded by the President of the Republic of Croatia with the Order of the Croatian Interlace and the Order of Danica Hrvatska with the Effigy of Marko Marulić.

He has been engaged for over a decade in megalithic sculpture, as well as its form and content, and considers it to be his inexhaustible inspiration.

Ivana Ožetski

She graduated in Painting in 1998 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Department of Art Pedagogy, in the class of Professor Eugen Kokot. In 2016, she completed her graduate studies in Painting and Video at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana with the master’s thesis “Shadow and its colour” (under the mentorship of doc. mag. Ksenija Čerče and Professor Jure Mikuž). Having graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, she worked as art teacher for several years. As external collaborator of Croatian Radiotelevision and other production companies, she worked as set designer and illustrator. She participated in the production of several documentary and feature films, TV-series and shows.

As freelance artist, she exhibited in around 30 solo and around 60 group exhibitions. In Austria in 2011, as part of the three-month residency at Rondo-Studio in Graz, together with a group of artists she initiated and presented the project-in-progress “Babel, We Are Not Mad with You”. She is member of Croatian Association of Fine Artists (HDLU) and Croatian Freelance Artists Association (HZSU). She nourishes her curiosity by constantly experimenting; she considers the technique/media merely as pretext for passionate identification, and the shaping of the ecstatic moments in the world and life…

Patricija Purgar

Patricija Purgar was born in Zagreb in 1990. She graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2013. She participated in twelve group exhibitions in Croatia, Slovenia and Germany, four solo exhibitions in Zagreb, and one in Poreč and Samobor. She is member of Croatian Association of Fine Artists. She lives and works in Zagreb.

Alma Trtovac

She was born in Zagreb in 1988. She completed her undergraduate studies in Painting in the class of Professor Zoltan Novak.

She is engaged in painting and multimedia art. Some of the main subjects and questions she problematizes in her works encompass awareness and representation of the heterogeneousness and stratification of the scope of the notion of perception of reality.

Nikola Vudrag

Having enrolled in the Academy of Applied Art (APU) in Rijeka and having completed three years in Painting at the Department of Art Pedagogy, Nikola Vudrag continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts (ALU) in Zagreb in the class of Professor Damir Mataušić in Small-Scale Sculpture and Medal Making at the Department of Sculpture. He has exhibited since 2005 in Berlin (Germany), Sofia (Bulgaria), Brežice and Maribor (Slovenia), Zagreb, Varaždin, Vrsar, Rijeka, Bakar, Pakrac, Osijek, Lovinac, in several solo and group exhibitions; he authored several public awards; he participates in sculptural and painting workshops. He authored public monuments “Veli Jože” (Berlin), “Dekanski park” (Zagreb), “Mač kralja Tomslava” (Lovinac), and “Prof. emer. Predrag Keros” (Zagreb). His medals and sculptures are part of private collections and permanent exhibitions of museums and institutions.