TESLA’s name and legacy experiencing a worldwide revival as a “hot” topic, attraction and inspiration, and in that regard we have created a multi-media show on the crossroads of playful inovative immersvie storryteling concept within 500m2 gallery space.

That is how the cross-media documentary “Mechanical Figures – Inspired by Tesla”, envisioned and directed by artist Helena Bulaja Madunić, through a 15-year long work with more than 50 artists from all over the world, has become a “walk through the movie experience” – a spatial gallery installation, “Nikola Tesla – Mind from the Future”, with the main intention of guiding visitors through Tesla’s mind.

This concept exhibition wants to highlight the importance and potential of IDEAS as yet nonmaterial but most important and real generators of new life.

Following the magic symbolism of the number 3, a number that Tesla held as very important, the venue for our storyline is divided into three main conceptual and realistic spaces – the “Lobby”, the “Piano Nobile” and the “Tesla’s Room”.

Through the outdoor courtyard filled with electrical machinery from the industrial period, a visitors are welcomed by the sculpture of Tesla, forged from iron in powerful lines, emerging from the ground and opening its hands towards the skies. Tesla’s Power Liner, presented in a 6-meter-tall format with a weight of one ton, is a spatial sculptural iron sketch of the future power liner.

Entering this new dimension, literary through Tesla, by walking across the upper gallery floor of the Tesla Loft, visitors are welcomed to the “Piano Nobile”. Here, they can get a glimpse of introduction to Tesla’s engineering accomplishments, as well as, of the instances that sparked the inspiration of many different Pop-Art authors from all around the world. This section allows, especially for kids, to experience the magic of interactive Tesla’s theatre, where they can, even for a brief moment, become Tesla and enjoy the surreal world of the futuristic animated 3D movie: “Tesla – The Invention of a Dream”.

From the Piano Nobile, visitors enter the core of the exhibition – the Tesla’s Room – where the glimpse of Tesla’s genius mind from the future is invoked. This magical 600-meter-squared space packed with immersive multimedia installations, is conceptual recreation of the latest Tesla’s conceptual patent – the Mind Projector.

On their journey through 9 spaces that represent nine story chapters, visitors have Tesla’s friends and contemporaries as personal guides through his:

1. CHILDHOOD in Lika
2. SCHOOL AGE in Karlovac
3. Leaving for EUROPE
4. First major discoveries in BUDAPEST
5. TRAVELLING TO AMERICA with an Ocean liner
6. Accomplishing major discoveries in NEW YORK and NIAGARA
7. COLORADO SPRINGS LABORATORY – the first glimpse into the Mars explorations
8. TESLOPOLIS – a magical High Rise New York of booming Art Deco
9. RADIO DREAM – one man’s vision for contemporary humanistic retro-futuristic reality

In this complex storytelling installation, visitors will travel from Croatia to New Zealand, “meeting” Mark Twain, Stanford White, J.E.R. Houdin, Thomas Edison, Georges Méliès, Terry Gilliam, Laurie Anderson, Marina Abramovic, Andy Serkis… to mention just a few.

Almost like in an Alice in Wonderland journey, they will undoubtedly enjoy the beauty of Tesla’s creative spirit, following his life from birth to death, through a completely new perspective of Tesla personality, never explored before, focusing primarily on the development and influences of Tesla’s work in the field of development of optical toys, animation, photography, film, music, science fiction, computer games, cognitive psychology, astronomy, art deco and entertaining industry, starting from the idea that to be inspired by Tesla means to awaken in yourself the code of creative life, which is the main message the exhibition wants to convey to the public at large.

Also the goal of Nikola Tesla – Mind from the Future exhibition is to introduce Tesla as a shared Croatian and Hungarian cultural heritage, to promote and provoke artistic excellence, originality, inventiveness and the application of the latest technologies in the area of visual arts.

The exhibition and program activities of Nikola Tesla – Mind from the Future exhibition are an unexplored platform of opportunities that could become Budapest’s stage for positioning itself as one of the key locations for Tesla’s creative work. Through the networking of domestic and foreign artists that will contribute to the visibility of Croatia and Hungary on an international level.