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Helena Bulaja Madunić

Helena Bulaja Madunić is an artist, director and producer. She is the leading Croatian expert for cross-media and multimedia with a 22-year work experience in international pioneering projects of non-linear storytelling through her production and publishing companies My Magical Thoughts & Bulaja Publishing. She is the first director and producer in Croatia to have been allocated funds from the European Agency for Filmmaking for animated and documentary film. She is renowned internationally; her work has been reviewed in publications on the latest innovative approaches to animated film and interactive storytelling, and presented and awarded in more than one hundred international festivals, markets and fairs of animated and documentary film, multimedia, and children’s publishing on all continents.

exhibition author

Attila Szűcs

He is an eminent character of Hungarian fine arts.

His compositions often create surrealistic impressions due to his characteristically sensitive handling of light and his provocative use of colors. One of his central themes is the concept of time. Attila’s art may be interpreted within the framework of contemporary historical painting along the axis of philosophical schools based on memory-related discourse.

project director

Fukui Yusuke

He is a japanese – hungarian painter, who uses a traditional technique of sumi-e or ink wash painting to to express energy and form. The emphasis is on the individual brushstokes and variations of ink tonality and not only what appears, but what is left out as well.


Andras Mengyan

Andras was born in 1945 and is from Békéscsaba, Hungary. His work has been exhibited all over the world and he has pieces in many museums in Europe. In 1982 he was appointed to run the newly formed Institute for Basic Instructions at the Hungarian Academy of Crafts and Design. From 1986 to 1987 he was the advisor of the New York Pratt Institute, among many other recognitions. He is work is into the direction line of the computer-guided, projected, programmed spaceinstallation. To acknowledge his professional activity, in 2006 the designers prize “Dózsa Farkas András” awards him, in 2007 by Munkácsy-prize (State award), by the Architecture and Art (Kévés Gallery) the “Prize”, and also the Hungarian Széchenyi Academy of Literature and the Arts admits him as a member.

project director

Sascha Machiedo

Sascha Machiedo is an industrial designer and museum consultant with more than 20 years of experience in art, cultural and business projects and exhibitions throughout the world. His elaborate professional background includes, among other things, operative and programme management of projects such as the US Pavilion at the 2015 Milan World Expo, Giorgio Armani Retrospective, BMW Guggenheim Lab, Venice Art Biennale, Guggenheim New York and Bilbao, and museography in projects Louvre Abu Dhabi and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.


Real Grupa

Real Grupa is a leading full-service marketing and communication agency with years-long experience in the production of media, creative and developmental strategies. Real Grupa provides an integrated service of market communication in order to achieve set goals and success with each new campaign. With a team of over 70 employees, Real Grupa has since the very beginning positioned itself on the market as a domestic agency with top experts who had gained experience in international companies or through work with big clients.

Professional harmonisation on seven different markets and excellence in media business are the result of the high level of creativity and dedication to the client’s success. Keeping up with the market and the efficiency and excellence in digital media are the characteristics due to which Real Grupa has been recognised as a high-quality partner to companies from different industry fields. By continuously investing in the professional development of employees and the tools they use, Real Grupa places emphasis on the dedication to clients by providing them with quick and efficient service.